Low voltage transformers and autotransformers

Brascoelma started manufacturing transformers and autotransformers since 1977. Manufactures dry power transformers or insulating oil up to 2.5 KV voltage class.

The main constructive characteristics of Brascoelma transformers are:

Brascoelma transformers have superior performance in powering:

In this line we also manufacture:

The power ranges of transformers manufactured by Brascoelma are as follows:

Minimum power (KVA) Maximum power (KVA) Voltages (volts) Enclosure protection Application
Dry transformers (natural air cooled) 2.0 1500 110 to 2500 single or three-phase IP-00 to IP-65 Power supply for machines and electronics
Oil transformers (mineral insulating oil cooling) 20 600 220 to 2500 single or three-phase IP-65 Industrial furnace supply

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