Induction Heater for Fluids

Brascoelma Induction Heater offers the best direct heating for fluids. Without pollutant emissions, it improves energy use and increases productivity while reducing operation costs. In the Induction Heater Brascoelma, the heat is produced by electromagnetic induction in the wall of stainless steel pipes. The heat is transferred to fluid flowing inside the tubes with a highest efficiency and it is fit to heat any kind of fluid.

25 KW Compressed Air 400ºC 80Bar 45 KW Natural Gas 18Bar 30ºC Ex 60 KW 200ºC 1Bar Ex 150 KW Natural Gas 45ºC 10Bar Ex Offshore 185 KW Super Heat Steam 9Bar 600ºC Ex 550 KW Fuel Oil 60ºC 90000Kg per hour 7Bar Ex 1 990 KW Thermal Fluid 300ºC 6Bar 1500 KW Thermal Fluid 280ºC 10Bar 60000Kg per hour

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