High current rectifiers - for electroplating, supply and furnace and cathodic protection

Brascoelma rectifiers for industrial applications are used where a precise and reliable direct current with high performance is required.

An innovative constructive technique of the transformer / rectifier system allows the construction of high current units with high efficiency and reduced dimensions. Rectifiers can be built with single-phase, three-phase or hex-phase transformers and interphase reactors. They can be cooled by forced ventilation, by circulating water or immersed in oil. The windings and the core of the rectifier transformers have the same Brascoelma technical standard that has been recognized for 39 years.

Main features:


Brascoelma rectifiers for galvanic processes consist of a thyristorized alternating current (AC) control in the primary or secondary, a step-down transformer, a set of diodes in the secondary and protection, command and measurement circuits.

The AC control for this purpose consists of a thyristor trigger and control unit, with adjustment of the reference value, current stabilization or output voltage and a maximum current limiter. This control unit allows voltage or current to be adjusted or regulated quickly, accurately and reliably.

The protections have ultra-fast fuses, transient suppressors, safety thermostats against overheating of the thyristors and diodes, sequence and lack of phases device and adjustable electronic trip from 75% to 150% of rated current.

Brascoelma can manufacture electrical rectifiers for the above applications for currents from 500 to 12,000 DC amps and voltages between 6 and 400 volts DC.


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